Sila-sila pala ang mga Kilalang Artista na Hindi mo Aakalaing Retokada Pala? Kilalanin sila Dito!

A lot of people are wishing to fit the society’s beauty standard. Most of the people who think that they do not belong in the society because of their looks, tend to seek help from makeup and plastic surgery just to boost their self-esteem and also in hopes of fitting it.

While most are ashamed of their plastic surgery, there are some people who are proud of it and even publicly confessed that they underwent a plastic surgery.

Now, we have here the list of celebrities who went under the knife:

1. Cristalle Belo
- The daughter of Vicki Belo, the doctor of the most famous stars in the industry! In an interview back in 2010, she admitted that she had undergone a liposuction.

2. Angeline Quinto
- In an interview in January 2014, Angeline admitted that she underwent a plastic surgery. According to her, she had some cosmetic enhancement for her sad-looking eyes and also underwent liposuction for her arms and her back.

3. Gretchen Barretto
- She wanted to achieve that pouty lips so she underwent a lip enhancement surgery.

4. Charice Pempengco
- The international artist who’s now known as Jake Zyrus had a botox in 2010. But now that he’s already known as Jake Zyrus, he admitted that he had his breast surgically removed.

5. Jinkee Pacquiao
- The wife of Manny Pacquiao admitted that after she gave birth to her third baby, she decided to remove the unwanted fats in her arms and abdomen.

6. Lani Misalucha
- In 2014, she admitted that she doesn’t see anything wrong if someone wants to undergo a plastic surgery. She also admits that she had her nose, eye bags, and teeth fixed.

7. Maureen Larrazabal
- In 2017, she publicly admitted that she had some cosmetic procedures.

8. Pops Fernandez
- The queen of concert admitted in 2008 that she had her lips done to make it look like the lips of her Hollywood idol, Angelina Jolie.

9. Phoemela Baranda
- In 2010, she revealed that the reason why she had to go under the knife is that she’s always seen on TV.

10. Jonalyn Viray
- She was just 15 years old when she had her nose done. After that, she stressed that she’ll never undergo a surgery again.

11. Lance Raymundo
- In 2014, she suffered from a freak accident while he was working out resulting in a crushed face. his face was crushed by an 80-lbs barbell. He then underwent a reconstructive surgery to fix the damages.

12. Aiko Melendez
- She served as people’s fitspiration after she lost 50lbs due to her strict diet. However, just recently, she admitted that she underwent a butt enhancement procedure.

14. Princess Snell
- She recently changed her name to Natalie Hart. This sexy actress admitted that she had undergone a breast enhancement procedure.

15. Maui Taylor
- The one and only crush ng bayan admitted that she had her breast, tummy, nose, and chin, cosmetically enhanced.

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Sila-sila pala ang mga Kilalang Artista na Hindi mo Aakalaing Retokada Pala? Kilalanin sila Dito! Sila-sila pala ang mga Kilalang Artista na Hindi mo Aakalaing Retokada Pala? Kilalanin sila Dito! 12:33:00 PM Rating: 5
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