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Women are still not safe in these most dangerous countries of the world.The security of our women is still a big issue even though the world has progressed. Every day women are raped, becomes a part of human trafficking and domestic violence in some parts of these dangerous countries.

Here we have noted down some of the most dangerous countries in the world that are not safe for women! I bet you never knew about them!

1. Colombia.

This is probably the most dangerous country as it has the highest rate of acid attacks on women and most of them don’t even get justice. There were around 45,000 cases of domestic violence reported in 2015.

2. Afganistan

Around 87% of the female population in this country is illiterate and around 70%-80% female is forced into early marriage all between the ages of 15-19 years. It has high domestic violence cases with a maternal mortality ratio of 400 in 100,000.

3. India

India has the world’s largest population but still, it’s not safe for women due to high rates of gang rapes, domestic violence and human trafficking and female infanticides. As per the stats, there are more than 50 million cases of female infanticide in last 30 years.

4. The Democratic Republic of Congo

According to research Congo has the worst records of gender-based violence. Approximately around 1.150 females are raped every day that goes to 420,000 a year. Health outcomes are inadequate too, with 57 percent of pregnant females reported to be anemic.

5. Somalia

It is a country where they lack law and orders and sexual harassment, high maternal mortality, child marriage and female genital mutilation are an everyday concern.

6. Pakistan

Early age and forced marriage, acid attacks and punishment by stoning are the main concern of this country for the females. It’s not safe for women here as more than 1,000 females are victims of ‘honour killings’ each year, and 90% face domestic violence.

7. Kenya

The females of this country only receive a small part of the income they generate in spite of being the country with a high rate of agricultural production. Educational prospects for girls are dreadful, as they are taught at an inferior level to their counterparts. HIV is a common problem for a woman there as they don’t have any control over their private life.

8. Brazil

A research shows that every 15 seconds a female is sexually assaulted and a woman is murdered every 2 hours. Females are not allowed to make a reproductive choice as its criminal code bans abortions except in cases of rape, or where it is physically dangerous to have the baby. Women who go against and have an abortion can be jailed for 3 years.

9. Egypt

Sexual assault and harassment are so common there that even the visitors may have experienced it. Females are ignored when it comes to their rights to marriage, divorce, child custody, and inheritance.

10. Mexico

There were 4,000 cases of women disappearing in 2011-2012. Women are let down by the legal system, which does not protect against domestic and sexual violence.

Ito pala ang mga Delikadong Bansa para sa mga Turista at Lalong lalo na sa Babae! Ito pala ang mga Delikadong Bansa para sa mga Turista at Lalong lalo na sa Babae! 12:27:00 PM Rating: 5
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