Dating Binu-bully, Hinahangaan na ngayon dahil sakanyang Transformation!

Let’s face the fact that we all have dreamy of having a fair and flawless skin. I mean, who wouldn’t want to have a skin that glows and captures people’s attention? In the society that we’re living it, people are dreaming of having a fair skin because that is what people dub as beautiful.

If fair skin shows beauty, then what does acne mean? Does that mean that you’d have to hide from everyone? NO. If you think that you don’t have the fair and flawless skin, then there’s no reason for you to hide.

Acne had always been a part of our lives and it’s up to us how we should handle it. These often appear during hormonal changes in our bodies, which is, obviously, inevitable. Most people who have too much acne would often hate themselves, but this Malaysian woman is different.

This woman has an acne-ridden skin all her life but instead of hating it, she chose to love it and accept everything.

The 18-year-old woman from Malaysia who was identified as Charisa Debully Francis had already influenced thousands of young people through her positive message.

According to Charisa, beauty is much more than just the physical appearance. Due to these wise words, she has become one of the most famous Malaysian teens online and up to this date, her fanbase continuously grows. Why? It’s simply because people are loving the way she loves her beauty.

But then, did you know that this woman who’s being admired by many, was often bullied by random strangers in the street?
She said: “Sometimes when I’m out in public, random strangers would just come up to me and start giving me comments about my face.

“They ask me things like ‘why haven’t you seen a doctor about this’ even though I’ve already gone through every possible treatment to get rid of my pimples and marks.

“It really hurts when people point out these things and make fun of my appearance, but I give it right back to them. Maybe it’s because they don’t understand that pimples can break out due to other factors you can’t control, like hormone imbalances and genetic factors.”

She also added that she tried taking treatments for her condition but then, the side effects took over her body.

She added: “I stopped taking the medicine that my doctor prescribed after a week because they used to make me vomit a lot.

“Who doesn’t become depressed when you’re faced with problems like this? That’s why I always advise people going through the same thing to always strengthen your relationship with God to get through hard times like this.”

Now, Charisa is busy with her studies at the Sabah Institute of Art, pursuing music, which has always been her passion. Despite that she’s busy with her studies, she still makes sure that she’s still continuously inspiring people to embrace their flaws.
Dating Binu-bully, Hinahangaan na ngayon dahil sakanyang Transformation! Dating Binu-bully, Hinahangaan na ngayon dahil sakanyang Transformation! 5:50:00 AM Rating: 5
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