Sila pala ang mga babaeng dumaan sa buhay ni Coco Martin

Coco Martin is one of the most phenomenal actors in the Philippine showbiz industry. He started from humble beginnings when he was just working in construction until he steadily worked his way up to success. His alluring charisma and talent in acting guaranteed him a spot in the showbiz industry.

Today, Coco Martin’s primetime show “Ang Probinsyano” in ABS-CBN is one of the most successful teleseryes up to date. His show has been airing for two years, but people still can’t get enough of Coco Martin.

Because of his looks and personality, women can’t help but fall in love with this actor! Indeed, most women today are willing to give a limb just to get a chance to hug or kiss the hunk actor. But have you ever wondered who the lucky women who have captured his heart before?

Here are the three female celebrities who had a romantic relationship with Coco Martin in the past.

1. Katherine Luna 

- When Coco Martin was still starting on showbiz, he starred with Luna on a Brillante Mendoza’s indie film “Masahista” way back 2005. They formed an intimate relationship during the set, and Luna was rumored to be Coco Martin’s first girlfriend. As a matter of fact, people speculated that Luna had a child with the actor.

2. Angeline Quinto

- Kapamilya singer and actress Angeline Quinto also starred in a blockbuster romcom hit “Born To Love You” with the actor. The two were spotted in public together, but they never formally admitted to having a relationship. In an interview, Quinto revealed that she had feelings for the actor in the past.

3. Julia Montes

- Despite having a large age gap, the two have been rumored to be in a relationship for the past few months. Many people speculated that the two are already exclusively dating, but the actress continuously denied dating allegations in the past.

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