Shan Cai ng Sikat na Meteor Garden, Losyang na nga Ba? Alamin Dito!

Shan Cai played Barbie Hsu, is definitely one of the most popular female characters in the late 2000s. Shan Cai was known as the young woman who’s being bullied by a boy group called F4.

Hsu Si-yuan, popularly known as Barbie Hsu, is a Taiwanese actress, singer and TV host who rose to fame after she played the role of Shan Cai in the hit 2001 television series called Meteor Garden.

Barbie Hsu played the role of Shan Cai, the woman who was loved by many. Plus, her love team with Jerry Yan is one of the best love teams in Asia! Because of their greatness as actors and actresses, their fans thought that what they had in the show were real! Unfortunately, everything was all a part of the show, nothing more, nothing less.

Back in November 2010 when Barbie Hsu tied the knot with a Chinese entrepreneur named Wang Xiaofei in a civil ceremony held in Beijing.

After tying the knot with her husband, she had a lie-low career because she chose to focus all of her attention on becoming the best mom and wife to her family.

Today, Barbie Hsu or Shan Cai is already 40 years old and she’s already happily living with her family. She has a responsible husband, plus, she’s blessed with two little angels.

In her Instagram account, you’d be able to see how proud she is of being a mother to her children. She even posts photos of her and her family, proving that she didn’t regret leaving the limelight to settle down.

However, people have noticed the huge change in her appearance. In fact, netizens are already tagging her as ‘losyang’ or a lady who looks like an elderly woman because of how she aged

Fortunately, her avid fans were quick to defend her and told her that no matter how much she has aged, she still looks gorgeous!

Watch her video below: 

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Shan Cai ng Sikat na Meteor Garden, Losyang na nga Ba? Alamin Dito! Shan Cai ng Sikat na Meteor Garden, Losyang na nga Ba? Alamin Dito! 6:59:00 PM Rating: 5
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