Mga Celebrities na Sikat at Magaganda ngunit Certified "No Boyfriend Since Birth"

First, you have the romantics. These are the people who see love as the true and only meaning of life, so they take it upon themselves to find love, rather than love finding them. They are the romantic idealists, and typically believe love is their salvation.

On the other hand, we have the practical people. They’re not exactly unloving or unsentimental, but rather have their priorities to deal with and tend to save love for later. They are usually very independent, realistic, and strong in nature.

Apparently, some of the most popular young stars are more of the latter.

It may seem unbelievable to think that these gorgeous celebrities are still part of the NBSB club or ‘No Boyfriend Since Birth’ club, but yes, it’s true. While they are always subjected to speculations of being in a relationship, many of them admitted that they’ve never experienced having a boyfriend since birth.

Let’s find out who these ladies are. 10. DEVON SERON

The 22-year-old confirmed that she has never had a boyfriend when she signed a contract with Regal in 2016, her strict parents being one of the reasons. She wishes to focus on her acting career as of the moment.


On an episode of the morning show “Magandang Buhay” last January, Karen Reyes shared that her friend Ritz is still NBSB. Ritz, who is currently 23 years old, denied claims relating to her sexuality in an interview.

“Yung iba nagtataka, iniisip nila kung tomboy ako. Hindi naman ako tomboy, nagkaka-crush naman ako sa mga lalaki.”


Although speculations of relationship with model Kirst Viray aired early this year, the former Goin’ Bulilit star mentioned in her guesting in “Tonight With Boy Abunda” (TWBA) that she’s never had a boyfriend. She’s currently 21 years old.


Sorry to those who ship Loisa and Hashtags member Ronnie Alonte, for this female celebrity remains an NBSB. In an interview with ABS-CBN Entertainment, she admitted that she’s never had a boyfriend since birth, but didn’t state her reasons.


The 21-year-old singer-actress asserted that she’s still one of the NBSB clubs in one of “Magandang Buhay’s” episode.


While everybody thinks she’s perfect with on-screen partner Jeric Gonzales, the actress denied their relationship and confirmed that she never had a boyfriend yet.


In her guesting in TWBA, the 18-year-old said she’s still not ready for a commitment. She also said in a press conference for the TV series “Born For You” that she’s never had a boyfriend, invalidating theories of her and on-screen partner Elmo Magalona dating in real life.


While it just keeps getting sweeter for Julia and on-screen partner Joshua Garcia, the actress has yet to confirm their relationship. She once confirmed that some have courted her, but she was not yet ready to have a boyfriend.


Kathryn and on-screen partner Daniel Padilla haven’t yet confirmed the real score between them, although it wouldn’t surprise us if they decided to take it to the next level.

Even Daniel said that the 20-year-old isn’t yet ready to get into a serious relationship.

“Hindi pa pwede.”


To focus on her thriving career, the 19-year-old shared in Gandang Gabi Vice (GGV) that she signed a contract with talent manager Ogie Diaz, forbidding her to have a boyfriend. However, on-screen partner Enrique Gil has always been honest with his feelings for Liza. We say good luck, Enrique!

The actress said that she isn’t ready yet to have a relationship with anyone.

“I’m still a kid.”

Are you also part of the NBSB club? What can you say about these stars’ life decision to opt out of romantic relationships? Let us know your thoughts and reactions in the comments section below!
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