Meet Teodorico, The ‘pretty’ brother of Ellen Adarna!

Ellen Meriam Go Adarna is a Filipino actress. The only daughter of a Filipina-Chinese mother and Filipino father. Ellen is the eldest child. 

With her stunning mestiza looks and delicate features, there is no doubt that Kapamilya actress Ellen Adarna came from a family of good genes. 

She has four brothers but one of them has been gaining attention because of his “pretty” looks. He is Teodorico Adarna.

Just recently, Ellen shared a picture of Teodorico on her Instagram account. Based on her caption, he is “anti-Instagram,” which means he does not have an account on the social media platform.

She tagged three of her brothers on the post, namely Danton Manuel, Bruno Nate, and Carlitos Adarna. She didn’t tag anyone named Teodorico so it could be presumed that he was the “anti-Instagram” brother Ellen mentioned.

Netizens who saw Teodorico’s picture commented that he really looked “pretty” or “maganda” like Ellen herself. Some jokingly said that the two siblings could pass off as twins with their similar facial features.

ABS-CBN Entertainment compiled pictures of the actress hanging out with her brothers, particularly Teodorico Adarna.

Here are some of them:

Can you spot him? If we’re not mistaken, he’s the one in the NY cap with a comical expression.

See his long locks and conclude if it isn’t Teodoro himself.

That’s the particular picture that Ellen shared on her Instagram. If you look at it closely, you’ll see that Teodorico Adarna could pass off as her doppelganger, except for the fact that he’s a male.

Other netizens shared that he looks handsome in his own right. Whether he’s “pretty” or handsome, it seems a definite fact that Teodorico Adarna is one of those non-showbiz people whom we should look out for.

We’re not sure about this but maybe he’s the one on the upper left? We’re only speculating, of course.

We see you, Teo. You’re the one on the upper right. Do you see a pattern? It seems as if he likes to be in that specific position in group pictures.

Is that him? We’ll leave it up to you.

Clearly, Ellen absolutely loves her brothers very much. Just check out their poses!

Another throwback – do you spot her one of her brothers in his emo stage?

We’re still making a wild guess here but it could be presumed that Teo’s the one on the upper right instead. A change of positions?

And finally, in all of his long hair glory! Look at his sister making fun of him. Isn’t it sweet?

And now, he’s back again to his upper left position.

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Meet Teodorico, The ‘pretty’ brother of Ellen Adarna! Meet Teodorico, The ‘pretty’ brother of Ellen Adarna! 7:58:00 AM Rating: 5
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