Meet Noppajit Monlasin, The Xander Ford of Thailand!

Meet Noppajit Monlasin, the Xander Ford of Thailand who surprised his transgender girlfriend and mother after his total transformation.

Nowadays, plastic surgery is one of the most popular methods of changing or improving the physical appearance of a person not only in the Philippines but also in different countries all around the world.

Marlou Arizala or now known as Xander Ford is one of the Filipino cosmetic surgery wonder who brought the social media by storm because of his total transformation after undergoing a cosmetic surgery.

Noppajit Monlasin, a Thailand national who has a nickname of Ex also undergoes a cosmetic surgery to improve his physical appearance after suffering from bullying and criticisms like Marlou Arizala. He has an over-projected chin, his upper and lower teeth don’t fit well.

The Thailand man also admitted that he was experiencing hardships because of his physical appearance such as difficulty in eating and got heartbroken many times.

Monlasin said that he started to hate women due to his frustration with former girlfriends and tried to enter a relationship with a transgender woman.

Watch his transformation below:

The latter also explained that his heart will be the same and will continue to love his girlfriend Tob, a transgender woman even if his physical appearance changed.

“Let Me In Thailand Season 3 Big Change” took Monlasin to South Korea for a face surgery for a total transformation.

The cosmetic surgery becomes successful and totally improved the physical appearance of Monlasin, which surprised everybody even his transgender girlfriend and mother.

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Meet Noppajit Monlasin, The Xander Ford of Thailand! Meet Noppajit Monlasin, The Xander Ford of Thailand! 9:13:00 AM Rating: 5
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