Kilalanin Ang Mga Miss Universe 2017 Candidates At Ang Kanilang Kalook Alike Na Local Celebrities!

It is every woman’s dream to be a beauty queen! However, as dreaming such appeals a fantasy to some, these celebrities are beyond lucky to have found their own look-alikes from across the world. Let’s meet the captivating candidates of Miss Universe 2017 and their look-alikes from our very own country’s celebrities. After this, you might realize the diverse beauty of our country and make you love it more.

1. Miss Chile Natividad Leiva and Rhian Ramos: 

The resemblance between Miss Chile and Rhian Ramos is uncanny. Both beauties resemble a pointed nose and sharp jawline.

2. Miss Guyana Rafieya Husain and Lani Misalucha: 

Our very own Asia’s Nightingale seems to have had her eyes copied and passed onto the 24-year-old Miss Universe candidate of Guyana, who is also the Miss World Carribean 2014.

3. Miss Laos Souphaphone Somvichith and Shaina Magdayao:

Ms. Laos and Shaina’s sharp chin and small lips do resemble a lot that these gorgeous ladies will make you do a double take!

4. Miss Turkey Pinar Tartan and Jackie Rice: 

Aside from having a similar pointed nose, the talented Miss Turkey, who also holds the title of Miss Supranational Turkey 2017 and the Filipino-American actress also share the same sweet smile.

5. Miss Kazakhstan Kamila Assilova and Alex Gonzaga: 

Their v-shaped face and similarly-shaped eyebrows will surely leave a lot of people confused as to who is who.

6. Miss Netherlands Nicky Opheij and Melanie Marquez: 

Our very own former beauty queen is said to look alike to this European beauty. This only proves that Melanie Marquez has timeless beauty.

7. Miss Panama Laura de Sanctis and Paolo Ballesteros: 

Paolo Ballesteros, together with his make-up tools, can literally transform himself into whoever he wishes to be! You can never question why this talented make-up artist is said to look like Miss Panama Laura de Sanctis because he literally can be anyone.

8. Miss Korea Cho Sewhee and Maymay Entrata: 

Veering away from the typical Korean features, Miss Korea Cho Sewhee has big and enticing eyes which resemble those of Maymay Entrata’s.

9. Miss Ecuador Daniela Cepeda and Barbie Forteza:

Their eyes and long stunning lashes are very similar.

10. Miss Colombia Laura Gonzalez and Sanya Lopez: 

I bet you’ve squinted your eyes for this one! Upon seeing Miss Colombia you would probably find yourself asking, “Is she a replica of Sanya Lopez?”

11. Miss Iraq Sarah Idan and Francine Prieto: 

Francine Prieto features a more western kind of beauty, thanks to her Norwegian blood.

12. Miss Great Britain Anna Burdzy and Jewel Mische: 

Do you think these two were separated at birth? Just by looking at those facial features, we sure do.

13. Miss Lebanon Jana Sader and Karel Marquez: 

Actress and singer Karel Marquez. The bizarre similarities between the two might convince you that they are long lost sisters.

14. Miss Sweden Frida Fornander and Dawn Zulueta: 

Another established timeless beauty has joined the list! Who would have thought that a 42-year-old’s gorgeous qualities would be compared to those of 22-year-old Miss Sweden?

15. Miss Paraguay Ariela Machado and Diether Ocampo: 

The final and silly twist to this list of look-alikes! Was it their face shape that made them resemble each other? Or was it simply the dull expression they put on their faces?

What can you say about these pairs? Are they double trouble or twice as nice? Drop your insights in the comments section below!

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