IN PHOTOS: Top 15 Countries na may mga Pinaka Magandang Babae sa Buong Mundo!

There are approximately 195 countries in the world and all of them have different cultures and traditions. Standards on how one can be called beautiful also vary from one place to another. However, there are certain countries where females really stand out for their unique looks

We’ve rounded up the top fifteen countries considered to have the most beautiful women:

15. Philippines 

– Filipinas usually have tan skin complexion and dark hair. They land on the second spot for most placements in leading beauty pageants. Not only are they beautiful, but they are also warm and hospitable.

14. United Kingdom 

– Ladies from this country have a different beautiful mix of complexions. They are viewed by many as intelligent and fashionable. In fact, a lot of models and celebrities come from the UK.

13. Australia 

– Women from this country like having fun and are outgoing. Their confidence is what makes them beautiful. Their pretty looks diverge from blondes to brunettes.

12. The United States of America 

– The girls from this country are naturally beautiful. They are confident, can stand on their own, and are very intelligent. Ladies in this country not only pay attention to their looks but also their health.

11. Canada 

– Canadian women are known to be fun, smart, and very self-conscious when it comes to having a good physique.

10. Netherlands 

– Women from this country are mostly tall and beautiful which makes them excellent models and beauty queens.

9. Italy 

– Ladies of this country are defined as classy. They take notice of the clothes they wear, their posture, and their confidence.

8. Venezuela 

– This country is proud of their beautiful women who have won multiple beauty pageant titles. Ladies from this country have a fit physique, long luscious hair, and sharp but pretty facial features.

7. Russia 

– The women of this country are known for their blonde hair and fascinating blue eyes. They are also blessed with a beautiful build and tall height.

6. Colombia 

– They have natural sun-kissed skin and dark hair. The way they love and care for their families makes them different from other women all over the world.

5. Argentina 

– They not only have pretty faces, but they are also very charming.

4. Denmark 

– Women from this country are goal-centered and ambitious. They are blessed with pretty blond hair and fit bodies.

3. Ukraine 

– They are considered almost perfect. Their beauty is similar to Russians.

2. Brazil 

– Women in this country value culture and like to travel and meet new people. They also give importance to health and education. They are known to hold on tight to their family traditions.

1. Sweden 

– The one who takes the number 1 spot is Swedish women. They have blooming fair skin, blue eyes, tall height, and stunning physique. Aside from that, they are also very intellectual. Their confident and independent personalities make them very attractive.

Do you belong in one of the countries mentioned? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.
IN PHOTOS: Top 15 Countries na may mga Pinaka Magandang Babae sa Buong Mundo! IN PHOTOS: Top 15 Countries na may mga Pinaka Magandang Babae sa Buong Mundo! 10:17:00 PM Rating: 5
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