Hashtag Tom Revealed The Untold Story of Death Of Hashtag Franco

After the freak accident that killed Hashtags member Franco Hernandez, speculations have sparked both in the news and in social media. Fans are skeptical about the tragic death of the young celebrity, and that fellow Hashtags member, Tom Doromal finally speaks about the incident.

Supposedly a fun barkada outing during the long break led to a tragedy least expected. Tom narrates what actually happened on that day in an interview with Rated K (magazine show hosted by news anchor, Korina Sanchez). Tom told the audience the unfortunate event that occurred in Davao.

Tom admits in inviting Franco to go on a vacation at their resort in Davao, which the latter agrees with. Franco joined the group together with girlfriend, Janica Nam Floresca. They took the supposed perfect opportunity to relax and unwind from the busy world in Manila.

The Hashtags agreed to meet at the airport on November 9 to prepare for their flight. Tom tells the alleged delay in flight during that day, which was apparently at 6 o’clock in the morning. They claimed that there was no “last call” for their flight (which the group waited for) until they decided to rebook and was able to depart to Davao at around 9 o’clock to ten.

First of all, stated by Tom, the original plan was to go and visit the waterfalls. But before they could proceed to their plan, the sky poured on them and postponed their supposed vacation escapade. Tom convinced Franco to opt for a beach tripping instead as the falls don’t look nice in a rainy season.

Traveling on the sea riding a small boat, they were welcomed by moderate waves which then turned into terrible ones. Fearing for the danger it imposed on their lives, Tom tried to persuade Franco to go back as the waves grew bigger and splashed on their boat. At around 2 PM, water began to enter their boats and signaled hazards of capsizing or sinking. The two men, Tom and Franco, were forced to jump off the boat so that their other two women companion won’t sink along with the boat. But when the water found its way inside, they all decided to jump. In a blink of an eye, said Tom, Franco and Nam were already far from the group.The boaters were able to rescue the couple, but Franco was then unconscious at that time. They were able to perform CPR but was not able to salvage the hashtags member.

Watch the video below:

Franco’s remains were transferred back to Manila and were cremated then on after a three-day wake in Arlington Memorial Chapel.
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