Hashtag Franco’s Girlfriend Janica Nam Offers One Last Song Dedicated to His Boyfriend

Janica Nam Floresca, model , girlfriend of Hashtag Franco Hernandez, offered one song to her boyfriend. This is so heart breaking, now everyone is crying.

One last moment to say good bye, this may be her last chance to offer a song to her loving boyfriend. In her Eulogy, Janica Nam sing a song dedicated to Hashtag Franco.

After the sudden death of Hashtag member and fellow It’s Showtime host, Franco Hernandez gains much sympathy from the fans grieving for his loss. Died at a young age of 26 on a freak accident happened during a supposedly fun vacation in Davao Occidental, fellow Showtime hosts grieves over the loss of a friend and a brother. Facing an issue regarding Joey De Leon’s alleged shady IG post, what made this story more sensationalized is when Franco’s girlfriend posted her IG story on her social media account. The girlfriend, whose IG username is @janicanam, shares a series of picture stories on her IG account, recalling all her sentiments over the death of her beloved.

On one IG story, Franco’s girlfriend uploaded a picture showing a shot of insulin in front of Franco’s portrait during his wake. The photo was captioned like this: “Mahal ko, inject mo na ako. Ikaw doctor ko di ba? Mahal (sad emoticon).” [My love, please inject me with this now. You were my doctor, right?]

She also happen to upload a picture wearing a loose pullover shirt telling her side of story and how she had worn Franco’s shirt for over three days. It was the same shirt that the young actor wore on the way to Davao before the drowning incident. She left a caption on it saying:

“Ang sarap sa feeling pag suot suot ko to parang kasama pa din kita. I love you mahal ko sobrang love kita.” [I love how it feels when I wear it. It was like you’re still with me. I love you so much.]

She also posted a picture of a bottle of Quaker Good Start oat dairy drink which she was not supposed to drink because of her diabetes. She’s seemingly apologizing to her deceased boyfriend for drinking it as he used to forbid her from doing so. She even told that even just for that day, just for that one moment.

And on a picture of Franco in a casket being put in a hearse, she said, “Tara na mahal! Balik na tayo ng Manila.” [Let’s go, love. Let’s go back to Manila.]

As ironically it seems, they were able to go back to Manila but only with Franco passing away to the afterlife.

She ended the IG story with the last picture of Franco, leaving a quick message for her boyfriend, telling him that how she truly loves him and that he should finally rest in peace with the hands of the Lord. And with that, she never failed to express her utmost love and feelings to her dearly departed boyfriend.

Watch the video below:

Hashtag Franco’s Girlfriend Janica Nam Offers One Last Song Dedicated to His Boyfriend Hashtag Franco’s Girlfriend Janica Nam Offers One Last Song Dedicated to His Boyfriend 9:49:00 PM Rating: 5
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