Handsome Son Of Wendell Ramos “Pinagpiyestahan Sa Social Media”

Up until this time, women still go head over heels over hunk actor Wendell Ramos despite the fact that he’s already happily married and has two beautiful children. And currently, it seemed that Wendell has already a successor who would take his place in show business the time he decides to retire. Who is he?

Meet Wendell Saviour Ramos, Wendell Ramos’ eldest son who inherited his father’s heartthrob looks. Browsing the Bubble Gang star’s official Instagram account, Wendell Ramos posted few photos together with his son and in those photos, it’s really undeniable that his son does have a spot in the showbiz industry.

Wendell Saviour Ramos totally inherited his father’s asset from a having a face that can make a lot of girls cry up to having a well-toned body. Well, it’s not surprising that Wendell’s son grew up being an all-in-one package because as early as now, his son learned to live a healthy and fit lifestyle thanks to Wendell who encourages his son to be his companion whenever he goes to the gym and try healthy diets as seen on some of his posts.

Wendell Saviour Ramos is not only just all face and body he also got his own style. As a matter of fact, apart from being a gym body and health and fitness enthusiast, Wendell Saviour Ramos has found his style without the help of any stylists as he is still living a very private life.

On some of the photos shared by Wendell, his son somewhat is inspired to how James Reid dresses. He is into wearing swag with class outfits but actually, he can rock all sorts of style given his perfect physique and his height.

Unfortunately, when we try to access Wendell Saviour Ramos Instagram account to get to know him more, he chose to keep his personal social media space private.

With this, we can say that for now, Wendell’s son is not yet ready to be a public figure just like him. However, we are hoping to see and know more about Wendell Saviour Ramos particularly gracing magazine covers, commercials and later the showbiz industry because he really got that X-factor to become a star just like his father. Do you also agree with us?

Watch their video below:

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