Ex-Girlfriend ni Franco Hernandez, May Mensahe para sa yumaong Dancer!

After Janica Nam Floresca, people are now talking about Franco Hernandez’s ex-girlfriend, Nica Nolasco after they found old photos of Franco and Nica on her Facebook account.

When Franco Hernandez died, a lot of people are eager to find and discover something about Franco’s life. Surprisingly, there are times when they are being led to something that they’ve never expected.

However, just recently, a woman who posted a throwback video of Franco Hernandez took the internet by a storm.

The Facebook user who was identified as Nica Nolasco has captured the attention of the netizens after she posted a video of Franco Hernandez and even a couple of throwback photos of the late member of Hashtags.

Due to the photos of Franco that were spotted on her timeline, people decided to stalk her and there they saw a photo on her Facebook account posted on October 1, 2015, along with the words, “17 months with handsome shark”

Not just that! On May 28, 2016, she also posted a setof photos of her and Franco taken on their trip to Taiwan, where they were spotted doing their signature pose.

Aside from their photos together, she also had this album on her Facebook account, wherein Nica Nolasco encouraged everyone to post photos of them with Franco, may it be a throwback or not. They dedicated the photo to their late friend who died in a drowning incident in Davao Occidental.

Despite that Nica Nolasco didn’t even do a thing for her to be recognized, some people still chose to stalk her, in hopes of finding more throwback photos and more memories.

The day when Franco’s remains were cremated, their good old friends have gathered to imitate her signature smile in his throwback photos. The photos were then posted by Nica Nolasco on her Facebook account with the words, “We will surely miss you, Mico!!! We love you! Rest well our angel! 👼🏻❤️”

Meanwhile, Franco’s girlfriend, Janica Nam Floresca, once again took the internet by a storm after she posted a photo taken inside Franco’s room. The photo showed the heart notes that she wrote for Franco, to which the young dancer pinned on his room to treasure everything from her.

Watch the video below:
Ex-Girlfriend ni Franco Hernandez, May Mensahe para sa yumaong Dancer! Ex-Girlfriend ni Franco Hernandez, May Mensahe para sa yumaong Dancer! 12:26:00 AM Rating: 5
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