Daryl Ong Sings ‘Beautiful Life’ On Franco Hernandez’s Last Night

The singer Daryl Ong sings very heartfelt “Beautiful Life”, the OST of Korean hit series Goblin, on the last night of the late Hashtags member Franco Hernandez.

Life is really unpredictable. Circumstances happen without someone’s knowledge.

Some may still have their first day in this world, however, some have already lived enough.

One’s first day might be someone’s last.

No one might have cheated death yet but it is always a reminder to everyone to live every minute to the fullest because you will never know, it could be your last.

And lately, Franco Hernandez has joined the Creator in a quite tragic way as he died in a drowning accident.

His passing has broken countless hearts and brought tears to a lot knowing that only memories of him left and sadly, he could not make any further memories but surely, he will forever remain and he will always be remembered.

On the last night of his wake, the singer Daryl Ong has sung the official soundtrack of the hit Korean drama Goblin which seems to broke the hearts of people in pieces with his soothing voice and meaningful lyrics.

Daryl might not know Franco personally but the singer confessed, “Franco… he reminded that life is not about how short or long you’ve lived it, minsan mas importante kung gaano naging kaganda yung buhay mo.”

“And alam ko na lahat tayo masasabi natin na lived a beautiful life and that’ because marami siyang minahal na tao kaya marami ring tao ang nagmamahal sa kanya,” he added.

And right after then, he started singing which made people sigh in so much emotion.

Watch the video below:

Daryl Ong Sings ‘Beautiful Life’ On Franco Hernandez’s Last Night Daryl Ong Sings ‘Beautiful Life’ On Franco Hernandez’s Last Night 3:27:00 AM Rating: 5
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