An Open Letter to Bb. Pilipinas Rachel Peters and the Filipinos, That will make you Laughed Out Loud!

The name Rachel Peters was really popular in the past few days in the world of the pageant, especially in Ms. Universe. A lot of people were attracted to her beauty but also on her talent and intelligence. 

Most of the netizen's show's their support online to express their feelings for our candidate, but not only our countrymen support our representative but also she's gaining support from other nationalities. Read the comments of a netizen who really spent time and effort just to express his support for our Bb. Pilipinas read the open letter until the end and you will be shocked.

Read the letter below:

" RACHEL AND THE PINOY CHARM (A perspective from Mexico)

Rachel's proud and joyous countrymen might be glad to know that she has a huge fan base here in Mexico where the people take the Miss Universe pageant very seriously. Then again, this piece of info might not be of any significance to some of you given that all over social media, people from different parts of the world are freely expressing their fervent love for her. What's not to love?

But naturally, the most overwhelming and electrifying expression of love she has so far received is from her fellow Filipinos. WHAT AN AMAZING SHOW OF SUPPORT! We hope that Rachel will make a trip here, too, and we'll let her experience our love and affection - Mexico style. Fingers crossed!

Rachel possesses many positive traits - physical beauty, clever mind, eloquence, wisdom, naturalness, spontaneity, sense of humor and occasional playfulness during interviews, etc. She is magnetic.

Rachel shows to all who are watching her interviews that she is a good communicator. This impression of mine gets reinforced each time I have the chance to watch her. Even though English is not my first language, I acknowledge that being able to speak (and write) it well is an advantage as it continues to be regarded as the international language. On the other hand, having an interpreter (at a pageant or any international event) can be tricky because some things can get lost in translation, and the audience and viewers cannot be blamed if they suspect that it is being used as a ploy to give oneself more thinking time, allowing one to extend or embellish the answer if the translation is done part by part.

Anyway, the main point of this post really is Rachel's charm, which I’ve experienced from the Filipinos I’ve interacted with and befriended here.

In my work involving organizing international conferences that focus on anti-drug abuse, poverty alleviation and population control, I handle logistics committees that take care of the needs of foreign delegates. I must admit that of the many nationalities I've ever dealt with, I’ve developed an affinity with Filipinos. Why? It’s because of their charm, the same charm that I see in Rachel.

Many (almost all) Filipinos I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and working with have a kind of friendliness that is so natural, open and warm. Even upon introduction, where most of them break the ice by announcing their love for "Marimar/Thalia" and asking about her, they manage to make you feel like you are a close friend or even a family member. No kidding! They are able to make you feel that. Later on, when they eagerly invite you to their dinner or parties, you feel this strong kinship with them. And while conversing and laughing (or belting out on the karaoke) with them and savoring their yummy adobo and cholesterol-rich sigsig, it dawns on you that - hey! – you have just suddenly become their close friend or family member! You can't help but feel cozy around them. In the end, you gamely join them in smiling at their cameras, because believe me, they love taking selfies and groufies (which they quickly post on their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or whatever other social networking accounts they may have). There’s nothing contrived or excessive about their friendliness. It just feels so genuine and light. It's a complete contrast to the generally cold, curt and sometimes intimidating demeanor of people from other countries like...naaah, I won't say, as I don't want to trigger an international online war here.

I initially hesitated to share this anecdote, but having written this much already, I'll just go ahead and do so: One time, during my early days at this job, I thought that a pretty Filipino exchange student was being mildly flirtatious with me as she sought my assistance. It was a boost to my ego, let me tell you that. But soon enough, having met and talked with more Filipinos, I discovered that this sweet and effortless friendliness is a prevalent trait among many of them. And so I was slightly embarrassed (and disappointed, haha!) by my presumptuousness about that exchange student's intentions, haha! This positive vibe coming from a Filipino is an experience by itself. There’s a Spanish word that more or less captures it -- “simpatico" / "simpatica”.

Going back to Rachel, she is “muy simpatica”, no doubt about it, which is why many want to see and hear more of her. I am not sure about how others view her, but to me, there is no trace of conceit in her conduct or speech. Which brings me to my wish for her: To maintain that humility and distinctive Filipino charm and warmth even as she enjoys all the blessings, the glitz and glamour and the worldwide adulation coming her way.

So to you, Miss Philippines Rachel, and your beloved countrymen, we send lots of affection and positive wishes from all the way here in Mexico, Pampanga. Mabuhay kalyo! Mahal ko kalyo! Mekeni, mekeni! Andale, andale! Arriba, arriba! Peace, yo! ✌️😉" 


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An Open Letter to Bb. Pilipinas Rachel Peters and the Filipinos, That will make you Laughed Out Loud! An Open Letter to Bb. Pilipinas Rachel Peters and the Filipinos, That will make you Laughed Out Loud! 10:55:00 AM Rating: 5
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