This Woman Who Earns P75,000 Per Day Using Facebook Shares Her ONLY Secret!

Dreaming of some weird stuff and events are just a common occurrence when we sleep and when we wake up we are left wondering why that stuff appears on our dreams.

Aside from walking naked, falling from a high place, and losing your teeth, another common thing that appears on our dream is the stinky poop. But did you know that the interpretation of this kind of dream is far beyond stinky?

One proof that dreaming about stinky poop turned out to be something sweet is this former sea farer named Ethel. After seeing yucky bunch of stool in her dreams for a couple of weeks, a huge surprise turned her life on 360-degrees.

But Ethel’s success didn’t come in an instant; she narrated how her family’s state in life taught her how to become efficient when it comes to making their ends meet. She experienced being a student assistant back in college so she could support her own studies, after graduating she works as a sea farer thinking that it is their key to bounce from poverty.

But after years of working away from her family, she wasn’t able to save enough money, then her mother became seriously ill, her marriage fell apart, all this happened while she was left looking after the welfare of her two kids.

Ethel thought about giving up until she dreamed about those stinky poops consistently for weeks. Little did she know that this actually means a fortune coming on her way.

Among Filipinos, there is a belief that when you dream about poop it actually means good fortune in money in one’s waking life. Meanwhile, ZhouGong’s Dream Dictionary also suggests that dreaming about poop means good omen that God of wealth will accompany the dreamer.

True enough, Ethel started her online selling business which slowly boomed and made her earn up to P75,000 daily. Because of this fortune, Ethel was able to buy 2 condominium units, a house and lot, 3 cars while supporting her kids and mother’s medical needs.

Watch her rags to riches story below as featured by Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho.

Have you also experienced dreaming about poop? Share us your experience on the comments section.

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This Woman Who Earns P75,000 Per Day Using Facebook Shares Her ONLY Secret! This Woman Who Earns P75,000 Per Day Using Facebook Shares Her ONLY Secret! 12:14:00 AM Rating: 5
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