Nadine Lustre Bashed By Netizens Again “Nagsuot ng Ganitong Kasuotan sa Loob ng Bahay”

After hailing as FHM’s sexiest woman of 2017, many netizens disagreed with the result of the poll claiming the young Kapamilya actress just won the title because of her avid supporters not by how her body follows the perfect proportion. Bashers continued to send hate and negativities towards Nadine most especially when videos and photos of her come out showing her liberated side.

This recent clips of Nadine Lustre having a great time with her friends went viral not because of a nip slip or any other wardrobe malfunction but because of the young actress’ white bikini.

In the video, it can be seen that Nadine was inside a house particularly in the kitchen wearing a white bikini. Many netizens especially bashers thought Nadine was just wearing an underwear when she’s just at home. Much worse, bashers thought that the FHM’s sexiest was just wearing a ‘baby bra’ due to the design of her bikini plus its color white.

Watching the succeeding video clips, we can say that Nadine’s bashers just saw something to bash about the Kapamilya actress which for us, if you ask us, is not worth the time to leave hateful comments towards the young actress.

Yes, Nadine was wearing a bikini inside a house because she’s having a pool party with her friends on a Sunday and we could not see any problems with that but if the bashers insist, all that we can see where all the negativities coming from may have rooted from the design of Nadine’s bikini because it somewhat gave an underwear vibe.

If there is someone to be blamed, it’s Nadine bashers since they just want to make an issue out of simple things just like this one.

On the other hand, other netizens expressed their disappointment with the young Kapamilya actress not because she wears a white bikini but by the sudden change of image of Nadine Lustre who started in show business as a wholesome young actress. Contrary to her previous packaging, now, Nadine became more daring as noticed by her new wardrobe and when she’s with her friends.

After watching the entire clip, do you think Nadine deserves to be bashed by just wearing a white bikini?

Nadine Lustre Bashed By Netizens Again “Nagsuot ng Ganitong Kasuotan sa Loob ng Bahay” Nadine Lustre Bashed By Netizens Again  “Nagsuot ng Ganitong Kasuotan sa Loob ng Bahay” 10:05:00 AM Rating: 5
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