A Video of An Infant Being Attacked By Their Own Pet

Dogs are said to be the man’s best friend because of their personality and behavior. They have this extraordinary attitude of being loyal and their unconditional love for the sake of companionship is priceless. 

Your dog is always there for you no matter what. He does not care how you look like, how you smell like either, even if you are the most stinky person in the world. Lol! just kidding. They will always welcome you once you enter the door of your house and you will feel the genuine happiness and love from them. You will experience the same eagerness each and every day of how happy they are to see you. 

Other people said that dogs are the most faithful animals on earth and more faithful than any other human beings. They are best favorite pets at home because of their being intelligent, devoted and affectionate. According to studies, dogs are like humans that they can love us back and see us as their family. There is a mutual understanding happens in your relationship with your dog.

Researchers found out that there is a common hormone that strikes in both human and canine brains when the dog is staring at its owner. And it is called Oxytocin, it is a hormone that triggering feelings of unconditional love and protection when parents and children look into each other’s eyes.

Watch the video below and see what happened to the baby while playing with the man’s best friend.

This is what happened to him according to AL-Amin Ahmed Facebook post.

After watching the video, what can you say about the saying that "Dogs are man’s best friend"? 

Feel free to voice out your opinion and write your comments below.

Source: Facebook
A Video of An Infant Being Attacked By Their Own Pet A Video of An Infant Being Attacked By Their Own Pet 7:07:00 PM Rating: 5
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