You Wouldn't Believe What This Employer Did To Their Housemaid To Deserve Life Imprisonment. Very Shocking!

Every job should be duly respected. People should treat their maids, drivers and any laborer at home or office with respect. It is the foundation for long lasting relationships.

House helper is one of the most important people in our life. He or she basically makes sure that our home is at best and makes our life easier as well, It is one of a great service to humanity because they help their master to function properly in this society.

Most importantly we have to remember that they are humans too who also entitled for human rights.

Recently, Regional Trial Court Branch 77 has sentenced Anna Liza Catahan to life imprisonment or reclusion perpetua, while her husband, Reynaldo Marzan, 8 to 14 years imprisonment for serious illegal detention.

Bonita Baran’s case was controversial due to the mistreatment and abusive nature of her employers (Anna Liza Catahan and Reynaldo Marzan). Her skin was burned with a flat iron, her head and face were beaten by a figurine dumbbells, she was forced to eat cockroaches and worst of all, both her eyes were pierced that caused her to a permanent blindness.

The suspects then surrendered and were invited to Senate hearing and insisted that Bonita Baran did was self-inflicted.

In the PAO Forensic Laboratory, more than 200 injuries were discovered in Baran’s body and there were also signs that she was tortured.

She narrated that she couldn’t ask for help or escape because she was double locked inside the house.

In 2012, Her employers just took her to a bus station bound to Virac Catanduanes and asked a bus conductor to assist her since Bonita was already blind at that time.

That was the time when Bonita was able to take the opportunity to seek help and complain to the police, the Public Attorney’s Office handled her case.

The couple then were imprisoned but Reynaldo Marzan bailed-out while the female employer was forced to go to Camp Karingal since she was not allowed to bail the court.

Reynaldo’s camp has 15 days to appeal his petition up to Supreme court but if it was dismissed, then 8 to 14 years of imprisonment will be imposed as an accomplice to his partner for the serious illegal detention.

Bonita Baran is now very happy when ABS-CBN News met her. Despite her horrific experience, she did not lose hope in life and still hoping for a miracle that one day her eyesight will be restored, though the doctor told her that her eyes are now blind.

She is now in the Witness Protection Program and for Bonita, what she had experienced was unforgivable and her employers deserve to suffer in jail.

For PAO, Bonita’s case is a proof that justice still prevails in the country.

Bonita Baran is also considered to be the hero of the household helpers because of her case, lawmakers have extended protection to the household members not only to benefit them but also to regard them as family members in every home.


So netizens what do you think about Bonita’s case? Do you think reclusion perpetua is good enough for her employer? Share your thoughts with us!
You Wouldn't Believe What This Employer Did To Their Housemaid To Deserve Life Imprisonment. Very Shocking! You Wouldn't Believe What This Employer Did To Their Housemaid To Deserve Life Imprisonment. Very Shocking! 12:33:00 AM Rating: 5
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