Most Cheating Husbands Do Not Leave Their Wives – Here Are 5 Reasons Why!

They say men are naturally polygamous; in fact, a recent study shows that 57% of men admit committing infidelity while 74% reveals that they are engaging in an affair if they knew they would not get caught.

In an article published in Today, it says that “Men don’t leave. They just want it all,” which led us to wonder why I do not leave their wives if they already found another lover?

Below are the reasons why men just can’t replace their wives:

1. He can be himself

Since their wife knows them from inside and out, they found themselves being authentic because he is simply comfortable around their wives.  David Wygant from Your Tango said, “Why would he leave his wife and kids?” when he can be himself playing with the children and have a nurturing care of his wife at home after being with his side chick? It’s the ideal situation for a guy.

2. He’s looking for a “vacation” from his married life in the affair

Most of the time, husbands cheat not because they want to leave his family, he thinks that doing this is just some sort of a vacation from his married life without knowing that the situation is big deal as it is.

3. Divorce is very painful

Men simply love having the best of both worlds. Why do they have to go to the painful and costly process of divorce when he can keep both women? Wygant added, “Why would he put himself and his family through that if he doesn’t have to? You seem happy to see him when he can fit you in, so why would he leave his wife?”

4. They still love their wives

Some argue that if a man truly loves his wife, it would be impossible for him to cheat. But you should understand that love and infidelity cannot be mixed together.

5. Their children

Many cheating husbands stay with their marriage so their children could have a traditional family. Most of them live in a reality that does not exist, a reality which their behavior is justified.

But can we do something to avoid infidelity in our relationships?

Yes, by having an honest and open communication without any party getting angry if an argument occurs. Staying calm while resolving a conflict is the most important thing in surviving a marriage as reacting furiously restricts the communication and secrets start to arise. This most of the time leads to the unhappiness of each party which also leads to cheating.

Source: FamilyShare
Most Cheating Husbands Do Not Leave Their Wives – Here Are 5 Reasons Why! Most Cheating Husbands Do Not Leave Their Wives – Here Are 5 Reasons Why! 7:46:00 PM Rating: 5
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