Attention Ladies: 12 Signs That Your Man Is Not In Love With You And You’re Just His ‘Side Chick’

Have you ever caught yourself stuck in a long-term relationship where no matter how bad your partner treats you, you still choose to stay not just because you love him/her, but because it is just more convenient for you to stay instead of starting all over again?

Well, this is a tricky situation to be in. But being the woman in the relationship, you might be clueless or confused if your partner really loves you or you’re just a convenient choice for them.

Below are some of the signs in order to answer your question and decide whether to stay or leave the relationship already.

1.He never opens up emotionally

Men rarely cry, but when they do, you know it’s for real and the emotions are really coming from their heart. Men only consider opening up their heart to someone they feel sharing their soul with.

2. He’s only close when he wants sex

You know you’re only convenient for your partner when he’s occasionally sweet and romantic when he is craving for some wild fun. Afterward, he’s back to his normal snob self.

3. He keeps in touch with his exes

Men who do not have an emotional commitment and connection with the woman he’s dating will never get over his exes. Since he is not sure about his feelings for you, he will always have backup plans which are his exes.

4. You feel like a stranger around him

He’s never really a partner to you but a mere acquaintance that is making you stick around for his own convenience. You never felt his warmth and concern; therefore, he’s really not interested nor loves you at all.

5. He only knows you on a surface level

He never makes an effort to know you deeper since he just considers you as his convenient choice.

6. He always walks away from an argument

A man who truly loves you will make an effort to resolve any misunderstanding you had, but when he walks away from your arguments, it is a sign that it is useless for him to talk about things because you don’t really matter to him. Ouch!

7. He never seems to care about where the relationship is going

When he doesn’t have plans for you and your future together, it is a clear sign that he doesn’t care if you guys will end up together or not.

8. He never seems concerned about you

Aside from the fact that he doesn’t even show love and care towards you. He also never tried to protect you.

9. He spends more time with friends than you

He does this simply because he doesn’t enjoy your company and would love to spend his time hanging out with friends.

10. He never seems invested in the moment

You are the only one who’s making effort in your relationship and instead of getting excited, he feels bored and annoyed with romantic dinner dates.

11. You never met his family

If you’ve been together for a certain period of time already and haven’t introduced you to his family yet, then you should think twice about the relationship.

12. You have an overall bad feeling

He never makes you feel special, period.

Somehow, you already know that these signs clearly show that you guys are not meant for each other but you simply shrug it off because you are contented being his convenient choice. Wake up, girl!

Source: Sarcasm
Attention Ladies: 12 Signs That Your Man Is Not In Love With You And You’re Just His ‘Side Chick’ Attention Ladies: 12 Signs That Your Man Is Not In Love With You And You’re Just His ‘Side Chick’ 3:29:00 PM Rating: 5
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