The Mystery Why More Than 600 Dogs Jump Off To Their Death From This Bridge Finally Revealed!

If you are a dog lover then you must at all cost avoid this bridge in Scotland, it is famous for the name “Suicide Bridge’” and has taken the lives of about hundred dogs already.

Locals in West Dunbartonshire have been baffled over the years with this strange phenomenon happening in this century-old bridge located beside the Gothic Castle Overtoun House.

According to reports, a total of 600 dogs has jumped the 50-foot bridge for no reason at all. Some believe that this is just due to dog’s over-excitement while others think that the popular “White Lady of Overtoun” who has been appearing for over 100 years now is still haunting the bridge.

Theology and philosophy professor Paul Ownens said, “I was standing there two years ago when I felt a firm, hard prod that felt like a finger. Something or someone was trying to push me over the bridge too, just like the dogs.”

And because the bridge has claimed so many lives of innocent dogs for years, there is now a sign posted near the bridge saying:

Reports say that the dogs seen jumping off the same spot on the bridge is normally from the breed with long snouts. Other experts suggest that the powerful musk scent coming from the minks below the bridge is the one responsible for attracting dogs to jump off.

One of the few dogs who survived the haunted bridge is the 3-year-old springer spaniel named Cassie.

Cassie’s human, Alice Trevarrow narrated how her dog jumped off the bridge for no reason at all.

We had just got out the car and Cassie immediately made her way to the bridge… she turned her head, looked up and did this massive leap. I will never forget the awful whine she made as she leaped. My son looked down and all he could see was a dot. She managed to get herself up and met my son, collapsing when she saw him. How she survived that, I’ll never know.”

Meanwhile, animal behaviorist Dr. David Sands visited the haunted bridge and investigated the numerous dog suicides. He explained,  “Just me as a person, all of your sense are on fire, you can sense and smell the waterfall. I can smell the undergrowth and I can see the Gothic part of the bridge. I’ve looked at pictures but coming to the place for the first time, it has a kind of strange feeling. It’s perfectly natural for people to want to look down and I’m wondering if it’s the same for dogs. I think it’s highly likely at all of the cases that it was curiosity that killed the dog.”

Still, could not believe this phenomenon truly exists? Then watch the video below and see it for yourself.

Source: YouTube
The Mystery Why More Than 600 Dogs Jump Off To Their Death From This Bridge Finally Revealed! The Mystery Why More Than 600 Dogs Jump Off To Their Death From This Bridge Finally Revealed! 12:10:00 PM Rating: 5
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