Scary Prediction of Nostradamus for 2017, Number 2 and Number 6 Are Already Happening!

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Nostradamus became known for his prophecies which mostly came to reality, especially the ones that are frightening to happen and to name a few; he was able to predict the death of famous personalities including John F. Kennedy and Princess Diana and the fall of the World Trade Center (Twin Tower). All his prophecies and predictions are published in his book entitled The Prophesies.

Now, articles are surfacing that some of Nostradamus predictions are yet to happen this year. Here are the 9 prophesies which are believed to be happening now or will happen this year:
Rising of China as Superpower 

One of the biggest civilization will come to rise to make bold moves to cure the “economic balance”. However, the outcome of this drastic change remains unclear. On the other hand, this prophecy is now starting to bud based on how China is doing now in terms of their booming economy

Cloud computing 

Cloud computing or simply the use of modern technology, particularly the internet store and access data instead of just plainly using a computer.

Financial Crisis in Italy 

Europe is not exempted to Nostradamus frightening prophecies. There will be a further crisis in finance and banking. Global Warming Wars 

Much better termed as “Hot Wars”, destructive wars will rise in 2017 due to depleting resources. Plus, terrorism will continue to be a big burden for this year.

Redefining of Latin America Countries in Latin America 

Will start to shift from being leftist which may result to give rise to much more political issues.
Unstable America From being the super power

The US will be ungovernable due to conflicts in politics and irresolvable differences.

Uses of Solar Power 

The demand of power coming from the sun will increase and contribute greatly to the world’s power requirement. The shifting to this kind of energy will help more business and economies to counter escalating energy cost and worsening effects of climate change.
Travelling outer space 

Commercial outer space travel will soon be available to people who wants a more adrenalin rush or extreme adventure through exploring the orbits.

Ukraine and Russia will be at peace 

Peace agreement will come between two rivals, according to Nostradamus. However, the terms and agreement of the deal were not put into details.

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Scary Prediction of Nostradamus for 2017, Number 2 and Number 6 Are Already Happening! Scary Prediction of Nostradamus for 2017, Number 2 and Number 6 Are Already Happening! 1:27:00 PM Rating: 5
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