Pastillas Girl Gives Her Ex-Boyfriend A 2nd Chance And Now They Are Engaged!

Way back in 2015, a girl by the name of Angelica Yap made waves on social media. Dubbed Pastillas Girl, this young beauty went viral due to her hugot-filled How to Make Pastillas video. Her viral video drew the attention of showbiz talent scouts and she was soon featured regularly on ABS-CBN’s noontime variety show, It’s Showtime.

She made a few appearances and made a few fans, but soon left the limelight following the tragic death of her mother. Her hiatus from showbiz is technically still ongoing.

Despite being away from the limelight, Pastillas Girl recently generated some buzz when photos of her started going viral. These photos featured a seemingly reinvigorated Angelica Yap, accompanied by her on-again-off-again boyfriend, Enzo Yelo. The two lovebirds reunited in February of this year.

However, rumors of the two being engaged are now the trending talk of the town. Could it be true? Is the guy who Pastillas Girl cursed out in her viral video now her fiancé?

That seems to be the case, based on photos of the two dating back to April of this year. The two lovebirds weren’t always a happy couple. The viral video that Angelica is known for actually featured an expletive-filled tirade about her current beau. 

Watch it below for your reference:

The two have seemingly moved past their relationship problems as we can see below:

On February 27, 2017, Enzo posted a long status message seemingly addressed to Angelica. In it, he detailed their relationship, how they drifted apart, and how they got back together. Pastillas Girl and her beloved beau apparently went through numerous trials and tribulations just to get to where they are. Enzo compared their relationship to the movie My Ex and Whys, starring popular love team Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil.

Read Enzo’s long post about his beloved Pastillas Girl below:
And then I saw you again.You said “Hi!” and then you smiled.And I know in that moment, I need to have another chance with you.
And then it all came back.
The old us. And now, the new you.
It’s been a while since the last time we saw each other. Two years. From It’s Showtime. Ang daming nang nangyari. We stayed up late talking about how we’ve been through this past few years. Sometimes parang ayaw ko na matapos yung usap natin. Hanggang sa nasundan na ng nasundan tapos eto na tayo ulit, still catching up. Sobrang bilis ng oras ko tuwing kasama kita kaya siguro bitin na bitin ako pag kasama kita and kapag kausap ka. Sorry kung inuumaga tayo when we see each other lol haha. Tbh namiss lang kita. Until now, namimiss padin kita.
I never knew na magkakaron ulit ako ng chance to get to know you again. But I’m so happy to have this another chance with you. I know this time hinding hindi ko na sasayangin itong chance na ‘to. I did so many mistakes and wrong choices in my life. Alam ko that time I’m still an asshole. But I will be man enough to admit that I cheated on you and It hurts you so bad. This is a working progress. Alam ko sa sarili ko ‘to na kailangan kong babaguhin ang sarili ko di dahil gusto ng taong mahal ko at di dahil binabago ka ng taong mahal mo kundi ginagawa ko ‘to para sa sarili ko at dahil mahal ko yung mga taong nakapaligid sakin and I love you all so much ayaw ko na kayong masaktan ulit ng dahil sakin. Sobrang dame kong natutunan at narealize ng dahil sayo lalo na nung naghiwalay tayo.
I guess all i wanna say is that I love you and I know you can feel that. I can’t promise no more. I will just prove them wrong and I will prove to them that I am trying to change to become better, that I am ready for this kind of relationship. Sa loob ng 2 years ang dame nangyare at ang dameng nag bago. Yeah it’s like “My Ex and Whys” pero no, hindi ka kapalit palit. You’re beautiful. Ikaw lang.
And that was two years ago. Marame ng nangyare, marame ng nag bago at marame na ding nasayang na panahon. People will judge me from time to time and I don’t care at all. Ang importante sakin ngayon, ikaw at mapasaya ka at mapalitan lahat ng memories natin ng masasaya. Uulitin ko, I love you and this time I mean it. I really really love you that you’re giving me so much happiness in my life.
“To my one that got away, akin ka nalang? Akin ka nalang ulit?”

Enzo posted a sweet video on April 16, 2017, to commemorate the Angelica’s birthday. 

Watch it below:

Congratulations, Angelica Yap and Enzo Yelo!

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