WATCH: This Housewife Had an Affair With Her Husband's Nephew!

There came a point in the Philippines' entertainment industry when a number of films and teleseryes focused on mistresses and adultery popped up. 

An example of this is would be 'The Legal Wife,' an intense ABS-CBN drama that featured Maja Salvador, Angel Locsin, and Jericho Rosales. 

Another example is a film released by Star Cinema, 'Etiquette for Mistresses,' which is loosely based on a novel.

Further back there was the 'The Mistress', 'The Secret Affair' and the blockbuster hit 'No Other Woman' - which probably started the trend. 

It's not a pleasant topic, but people clamored for the drama and the conflict surrounding three people - the husband, the wife, and the lover. Oftentimes, it's the woman who gets portrayed in a negative light.

In the case of this particular story, it was no different. 

The story goes like this: a housewife was helping her husband pack for his month-long business trip when she suddenly gets seduced by her husband's nephew. The husband tried to be intimate with his wife by asking her for a kiss but the wife rejected him. 

Once the husband leaves the room, his nephew enters, topless. He was looking for his uncle - the wife's husband. The husband, as it turned out, was annoyed and in a hurry to leave after his wife rejected him. He quickly packed his things and told his nephew to take care of the household, particularly his wife who will be left alone. 

After the husband left, the housewife suddenly became intimate with her topless nephew. She complained of having a backache so the nephew started giving her a very sensual massage. In fact, she even closed her eyes and murmured to him, "Ikaw bata ka ha..." 

The nephew then whispered back to her: "Hindi na ako bata." 


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WATCH: This Housewife Had an Affair With Her Husband's Nephew! WATCH: This Housewife Had an Affair With Her Husband's Nephew! 11:36:00 PM Rating: 5
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