LOOK: Creepy Selfie of this Couple Terrifies Online!

The cute couple tries to have a sweet selfie together but did not expect that the result will be terrifying.

It’s been a known superstition that mirrors play some kind of a role in paranormal activity. And this photo is one of the proofs that one should be extra careful when taking photos next to a mirror. Take a look at the following photo of a couple taking a selfie with a mirror behind them.

The photo was shared thousand times in different social media platform across the world. Enough shares and attention to earned an article from dailymail.co.uk

They say that mirrors are portals to the other world and in some cases, mirrors are used as an instrument to capture spirits. Talking about capturing spirits, this couple captures something unusual when they were taking a selfie. Take a closer look at the reflection of the woman in the mirror.

Yes, you’re right. The woman seemed to have a different reflection in the mirror since her face is facing the camera, but her reflection in the mirror also reflected her face facing it which brought the possibility that the girl in the creepy photo is a Gemini, as also claimed by the guy next to her posting on the thread: “ I love my girlfriend even if she’s a Gemini.”
If you’re not familiar what a Gemini is, it is a zodiac that is represented by the twins. Some believe that people born under the zodiac sign have ‘two-faced’ or split personalities. However, other netizens thought that the photo was fabricated just to garner attention online.

This is not the first time that such photos went viral online. It can be remembered last year that a couple also experienced that same encounter wherein the reflected image of the woman in the mirror was also different.

Which side are you going to take? Do you believe that this photo is authentic? Do you think that this is a product of an expert photo editing?  We will leave everything for you to decide.

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LOOK: Creepy Selfie of this Couple Terrifies Online! LOOK: Creepy Selfie of this Couple Terrifies Online! 3:15:00 PM Rating: 5
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