LOOK: 6 of the Most Wanted Criminals in the Philippine History!

The Philippines during the 60’s as they say was a hellish place. Because the government was prioritizing the country’s recovery from the foreign occupation, there is less attention in fixing the law and justice system. This has given notorious criminals, gang lords and public enemies an opportunity to proliferate. 

Although these criminals are known for being ‘fearless mobsters bred by the underworld’, many people are still unaware of their stories. Here is a short list of Philippines’ most legendary tough guys.

-Asiong is Manila’s most feared criminal who controlled Tondo for several years. Although he had a notorious career of robbery, murder, extortion and other crimes, he was loved, respected and idolized by many of his neighbors. It is because Asiong was believed to be sharing his prosperity among the poor people of Tondo. Asiong was also reported to have walked the streets of Manila freely because of the politicans and police officials who were protecting him for their own interests. 

Asiong’s legendary life ended quickly at the age of 27 when he was shot dead in a drinking session with his gang on October 1951. His life was told in a 2011 documentary film, ‘The Manila Kingpin’, starring Jeorge ‘E.R’ Estregan.

-Boy Golden was among the toughest gang leaders of Manila in the early 60’s. He was a prominent gangster who proliferate violence among feuding gang groups. He is considered as one of the most wanted criminals of the Philippines back in his time. 

He met his bloody death in the early morning of December 24th, 1963. He was shot dead by a group of police while at their house with two new members of his gang. The news about his death flourished Manila and has circulated in different print media. His life was told to life in a documentary film released in 2013, titled ‘ Boy Golden: Shoot To Kill, the Arturo Porcuna Story starring Jeorge ‘E.R’ Estregan and KC Concepcion.

-Ben Tumbling acquired his nickname because he was reported to be a former stuntman who turned into a notorious police hater. He was known to be a police assassin who murdered 7 police officers in just a month. 

His acrobatic skills were reported to have helped him get away from police arrest. His police hatred was believed to have been rooted from experiencing severe police brutality where his “ head was hit hard by a chair, dunked in a toilet bowl and his genitals electrocuted”. 

Moreover, what forced him to hate police more was when his young wife was raped.  Ben Tumbling was once Malabon’s most wanted criminal. Although he had a notorious life, Ben was adored by his neighbors because of his generosity especially to the people in need. He gave them cash and gifts. 

He was assassinated in an ambush at the young age of 23. His assassination was allegedly led by Intelligence Chief Vicente Vinarao. His life was portrayed in a 2012 film, ‘Alyas Ben Tumbling’.

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