This Woman Sent An Open Letter To Her Husband 'Malanding Co-Worker' And It Went Viral! Must Read!

Any relationship founded in firm love will be easily torn apart when cheating takes over. No matter what the reason is, cheating is still extremely frowned upon in society.

Most of the time wives whose husbands are cheating on them confront their partners to clarify such an act of betraying. They tend to ask their partner what went wrong during the course of their relationship. 

While most of these women who have experienced being cheated on choose to talk to their lovers about the issue after the fact, one anonymous woman chose to confront her husband’s “malanding co-worker” by releasing an open-letter.

The letter was sent to the Facebook page The Asian Parent Philippines by a woman who refused to be named. The wife was actually asking for her husband’s workmate to stop being ‘too good’ to her partner as she knew he is too weak to resist the temptation. Although the woman did not confirm their relationship, her message is clear: “Please back off.”

Read the letter here:

Maybe you're just being nice. Maybe you're just that friendly. I'm sure you're a good person and it is to that goodness that I'm appealing to you: Please back off.

He is my husband. I am his wife. We are who should be complementing each other. We did not spend all these years loving each other and supporting each other just so we can allow our marriage to fall apart easily.

He might have his weakness and he might have needs, and you might think you can and should help, but hold that thought — because you and I know, if there is one person who could and should be there for him, it's me. Just me.

Your closeness concerns me, and even those closest to us. You'll know what I mean if you are in my shoes, and I bet you, you will feel uneasy. So let me tell you this again: back off.

I know I have yet to find proof, but sometimes a woman's instinct is enough...

My husband may be cheating on me with you, or maybe not—I hope not, and I know I have yet to find proof. But one thing's for sure, a woman's instinct is enough to know what it is that you, as a woman yourself, are doing. And to be perfectly honest, I'm not writing to you because I lack trust in my husband, it's you I don't trust.

Please know your place. You're still a woman, and God knows we share the same value that He has given each one of us.

Love yourself, know your worth. Don't waste all those efforts on someone you will never have.

Don't wreck a home. Mind you, it will take more than a hammer with a lean and sexy body to bring my whole family down. We've placed so much love, trust, dreams and aspirations as our foundation. Take note those ingredients, you might want to just build your own.

Many netizens respected her for what they consider as a brave and decent deed. They appreciated that the woman remained classy on handling what could possibly be a ‘cheating’ scenario between her and her husband.
Here's what some netizens had to say:

Caelum Sky Ang Tee : Wow..whoever this wife, i salute her...with all the feelings and emotions she's been through, she remain to be modest..i cannot imagine myself to be as calm as her if i was in her shoes...well the good side of me maybe...but the bad side will definitely oveecome..hehehe
I really do believe every single word fact i even asked my husband to read this..and warn him of course!!hehehe

Merry Jane Carbungco Ocol:  Clap clap sa kanya.. salute how she write it without any bad words.. she rocks how she manage to write and the tell the girl how she feels..

LOOK: This Woman Sent An Open Letter To Her Husband’s ‘Malanding Co-Worker’!

If you were in her shoes, would you also do the same thing? Or you would choose to talk to your husband instead? Share your opinion with us in the comment section below.

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This Woman Sent An Open Letter To Her Husband 'Malanding Co-Worker' And It Went Viral! Must Read! This Woman Sent An Open Letter To Her Husband 'Malanding Co-Worker' And It Went Viral! Must Read! 3:24:00 PM Rating: 5
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