WARNING: 9 Side Effects Of Contraceptive Pills! Know The Symptoms Here!

Nowadays, it is really hard to raise two children when you are a regular employee and earning a minimum wage salary. Aside from basic needs of your family like food, clothing and shelter, you should also provide a good education for your children. And many other unexpected expenses come along the way. The reason why some couples rely on family planning. 

Birth control is part of family planning. Taking birth control pills is one of the most effective method that being used by women. But did you know that taking these pills might put your life at risk? According to studies, birth control pills can cause damage to your body because of its harmful side effects.

Here are 9 harmful side effects of birth control pills:

1. Blood Clots- taking birth control pills may cause blood clots in your body. Symptoms of this are swollen leg and chest pain. Once you experience these symptoms, stop using the pill and see a doctor immediately.

2. Breakthrough Bleeding- the hormones make the endometrial lining thinner and sensitive. This is also cause of birth control pills. But some research shown that the longer you take birth control pills, less chances to have breakthrough bleeding.

3. Mood Swings- when taking contraceptive pills, you will experience mood swings and symptoms of depression.

4. Milk Production- birth control pills can affect the breast milk production and make it lessen by 5%. Progestin-only pills like Nor-QD or Ortho Micronor will not hinder the lactation, but have to be taken at the same time every day, since they are slightly less effective than combination pills.

5. Faux Premenstrual Symptoms- Some women experience mood swings, nausea, water retention, breast tenderness and headaches before their monthly period. These symptoms are also caused by birth control pills.

6. Destroys Good Digestive Bacteria- Your body is at risk when good bacteria were killed by the side effect of the birth control. It can cause yeast overgrowth and lower immunity.

7. Disrupts Ovulation- taking birth control pills can control the timing of some hormones in the body to avoid ovulation. The longer you use birth control, a big possibility that the ovary will not function well because there is no right signal to ovulate.

8. Cervical Mucus Change-birth control pills thickens the cervical mucus. It blocks the sperm and egg cell to meet. It is very important to keep your cervical mucus healthy.

9. Damages the Lining of the Uterus- the birth control pill changes the uterine lining. It will not allow the implantation of a fertilized egg. It controls the estrogen and progesterone levels with synthetic hormones. It does not give proper levels of progesterone to have a healthy uterine lining for implantation.

Despite cases linking to the harmful effects of birth control pills, millions of women are still using this method for their family planning.

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WARNING: 9 Side Effects Of Contraceptive Pills! Know The Symptoms Here! WARNING: 9 Side Effects Of Contraceptive Pills! Know The Symptoms Here! 6:38:00 AM Rating: 5
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