WATCH: MMK Full Replay Of Aika and John Love Story

Aika (20) and John (17) meet just as Aika is recovering from a broken heart. John already starts to fall for Aika. He pursues her, but Aika is reluctant to start a relationship with John. 

But Aika and John grow closer, through John's constant calls and messages. 

As soon as Aika felt herself falling for John, she suddenly withdraws from the blooming relationship, fearing another broken heart. 

Aika's ex-boyfriend even makes a re-appearance, but it is while with him that Aika realizes she has completely fallen for John. 

John and Aika begin dating. John makes Aika's worries of being left behind disappear. They are happy together. However, their happiness is broken by Aika being diagnosed with leukemia. 

Throughout Aika's chemotherapy sessions John is there for her. Aika finds strength in his presence, who does not waver in the face of Aika's illness. 

She even tries to regain enough strength to be with John on his birthday. But a tragic car accident takes John's life. Aika is devastated. 

It is only then that she finds out that John was only looking strong for her, and had been depressed about her sickness. 

John's sibling reveals that if he could, he would give his life for Aika and take her cancer with him. Aika goes into remission, and whether or not it is the fulfillment of John's wish, she still wishes John did not leave her behind. 

WATCH: MMK Full Replay Of Aika and John Love Story WATCH: MMK Full Replay Of Aika and John Love Story 4:05:00 PM Rating: 5
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