MUST READ: 10 Reasons, Why Beer Is Actually Good For You!

Beer is the long time favorite drink of many. It is the oldest and widest consumed drink in the world. Beer is the third most famous drink after tea and water. It is from cereal grains that gone through a fermentation. The alcohol content of beer is usually around 4 to 6 percent. Drinking beer without moderation can cause danger to one’s individual. The effect of beer in human may depend on the amount intake of a person. Too much alcohol intake may lead to overall improvement in mood, increase self-confidence and sometimes can harm your health.

But did you know that beer gives beneficial effect to our body?

Here are the 10 reasons why we should include beer as our drinking buddy:

1. Beer has Vitamin B. 
It has a natural antioxidant content and more protein.

2. Beer is good for your kidney.
According to the research in Finland, a bottle of beer helps to lessen the risk of developing kidney stones by 40 percent.

3. Beer can help to decrease your bad cholesterol.
Beer is rich in fiber that helps reduce the LDL or the bad cholesterol in your body.

4. Beer can make you bone stronger and healthy.
In 2009, a study showed that the high natural silicon content of beer helps you to have a higher bone density.

5. Beer lessens the risk of having cardiovascular disease.
Lower the risk of having heart disease by 42 percent, according to the Italian scientists.
6. Beer helps to fight insomnia.
It has nicotinic acid and lactoflavin natural chemical that can send us to sleep.

7. Beer can help your body from blood clotting.
Beer has flavonoids, it is like estrogen that increase the HDL or the good cholesterol in the body. It develops the lining of the blood vessels to avoid clotting of blood.

8. Beer can make your skin glow and healthy.
The properties of beer can help to fight acne and make the skin smooth.

9. Beer helps to prevent Alzheimer’s disease
According to research, beer drinkers can lessen the risk of having dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

10. Beer helps to relieve stress

According to the scientists at the University of Montreal, two glasses of beer a day can reduce anxiety and stress from work.

MUST READ: 10 Reasons, Why Beer Is Actually Good For You! MUST READ: 10 Reasons, Why Beer Is Actually Good For You! 3:39:00 PM Rating: 5
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