Intelligent People Are Messy, Nocturnal and Use More Curse Words, Studies Show Unbelievable!

Are you a messy type of guy who is nocturnal in nature and loves to utter slanderous statements? Well, according to RachFeed there is a confirmation among numerous studies that a person having these traits may have a big chance of having a high intelligence quotient (IQ). Sounds ironic, right? But you read it right!

A conclusion has been established in 2015 by researchers at Marist College in New York that intelligence is greatly associated with those who are fond of a messy surrounding, staying up late at night and swearing. This is contradicting to the usual belief about people who are more often in using curse words. According to the results documented, subjects in the experiment who could share the number of offensive words in a minute scored higher than IQ tests provided to them. Their findings show that a person with a rich vocabulary of slanderous words is a great indication of 'rhetorical strength', which is against with the general thinking that people who love swearing have a limited word power.

It seems that staying up late is linked to a number of health issues, but this behavior also links to a person's intelligence. Various studies have been taken as researchers compared IQ levels of night owls, which have the higher IQ result, to morning larks. This may be the reason why famous people like Charles Darwin, Keith Richards, Winston Churchill, Elvis Presley and President Barack Obama are known for their nocturnal activities.

Moreover, intelligent persons prefer to leave and maintain a messy environment. Whilst a neat and orderly desk is a promotion of healthy eating, standard and generosity, having a messy table, based on a research taken at the University of Minnesota, are frequently leading to a more creative workflow.

According to Kathleen Vohs, a psychological scientist, disorderly environments seem to inspire breaking free of tradition, which can produce fresh insights. Orderly environments, in contrast, encourage convention and playing it safe.
How is a person's IQ measured?

A person should take a set of standardized IQ tests that consists of various tasks measuring numerous measures of intelligence. It includes short-term memory, analytical thinking, mathematical ability and spatial recognition. Like all IQ tests, it does not strive to measure the amount or 'how many' information you have learned but rather your capacity or ability to learn.

Six Commonalities Shared by Highly Intelligent People

According to Lifehack, below are the common denominators for people who are born brilliant and intelligent. Of course, intelligence still varies from person to person, which is based on an individual's capability to learn many things.

1. They’re adaptable

Intelligent people can adjust and fit into different situations. They don't mind what the available resources are present, but they strive to look further to accomplish their goals regardless of the obstacles they pass through.

2. They know there’s more to know

The smart people have their willingness to learn. They do not content on what they know, but they love to expand their knowledge more in each day of their lives.

3. They remain curious 

As learning is a continuous process, they tend to discover and know more other that what they learn and somehow, they are not that satisfied with an answer.

4. They ask intelligent questions

A question is considered intelligent if it is open-ended, rather than questions with having one, the obvious answer.

5. They’re skeptical

Smart people absorb every piece of information like they are taking something with a pinch of salt.

6. They’re open-minded

Intelligent people are open to anything to things that they can learn to.

Intelligent People Are Messy, Nocturnal and Use More Curse Words, Studies Show Unbelievable! Intelligent People Are Messy, Nocturnal and Use More Curse Words, Studies Show Unbelievable! 4:58:00 AM Rating: 5
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