True Intentions of America in Attacking Iraq Revealed! It's not about Terrorism?

The United States of America is undeniably the one of the most powerful countries around the globe. They've been in crisis in the past few years, but truly their economy is a blast. For some third world countries, like the Philippines, it is a paradise where you can fulfill your wildest dreams. In terms of medical innovations, scientific explorations, businesses and in many aspects of society, it is safe to say that America is at the top of the list globally. That is actually why a lot of nation leaders maintain and treasure a good relationship with them. However, for those who are not "pro-Americans," they have in very vocal of the true colors of the US.

The whole world was shocked with the war that started a few years back in the Middle East, specifically Iraq. According to American authorities, the purpose of them launching a war is to fight terrorism. They also emphasized the safety threat that these terrorisms may bring to the whole world, and it's quite true that most people have been persuaded. But then, just recently, there are a lot of articles online discuss the real intentions of USA in battling Iraq.

The photos published on Library of Most Controversial Files, show  American soldiers seemingly enjoying their selfies while standing in tons of gold bars. The images have also been captioned as: "Iraq Didn't Have 'Weapons of Mass Destruction' After All
The United States stole Iraqi gold and oil, specifically 20 TRILLION dollars in gold and 30 TRILLION dollars worth of oil." With this accusation, it is quite surprising that in spite of the worldwide support of nations in fighting terrorism, the country that's leading has sadistic intentions.

Filipinos cannot help but ask, what for are the aids and help that the United States of America have been sent to the Philippine government for decades? Are they for alliance per se? Or they also have intentions to molest the natural resources of the archipelago for their advantage? Is it the main reason why the present administration is resisting to continue foreign policy agreements with the American government? Everyone has no choice but to wait and hope that the Philippine government can lead the nation into a genuine foreign relation, and avoid being abused by any opportunistic country.

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True Intentions of America in Attacking Iraq Revealed! It's not about Terrorism? True Intentions of America in Attacking Iraq Revealed! It's not about Terrorism? 5:41:00 PM Rating: 5
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