Common Symptoms and Signs that You are Pregnant!

For most of the women, unexpected pregnancy is one of the most overwhelming events that could happen. The initial reactions might not be so pleasant, but in the long run, they realize that it is a blessing in disguise. Some of the couples wait for years before they are given a single angel, so in whatever instance, every expectant woman should take their baby as a gift from heaven.

Based on recent studies, the statistics of physical defect and mental disorders brought about by mistakes during pregnancy has drastically increased. The most common scenario is, the woman doesn't know that she is already pregnant, that's why she still continued to do her habits, though they are harmful to the fetus. That's why we have a few tips to share about common symptoms and signs that you are conceiving.

1. Hormonal imbalance- When a woman is pregnant, her level of estrogen and progesterone increases. There should be a noticeable difference in your menstrual bleeding or it will fully cease.

2. Frequent vomiting- Also because of imbalance in the levels of hormones, digestion becomes slower and vomiting occurs not only during day time.

3. Swollen private area or it becomes sensitive- During pregnancy, your cervix produces a milky white mucus which is thicker in texture.

4. Breast seemingly become bigger- This does not only happen during menstruation. Some women feel that their chest grows bigger and their nipples become darker.

5. Menstrual pain outside of your period date- It occurs when the fertilized egg ties with the uterus lining. There are also instances that you will experience light bleeding that will just last in a number of days.

6. Bathroom breaks become frequent- Pregnancy makes the body pump up more blood, hence, the kidney works double time. That's why you will have more bathroom breaks day and night.

7. Feeling sleepy- A woman's body is working its own mystery in forming the womb where the baby will reside for 9 months. Because of this, your body will ask for more relaxation time.

8. Constipation- Since your digestion is not so active, you will experience being constipated sometimes.

9. Smell sensitivity- This issue is also linked to hormonal imbalance. But as per experts, your sense of smell should normalize during the second trimester.

10. Appetite increases- Because you have another living thing to feed, inside your body, you will have to eat more.

11. Mood swings- It is just normal for a pregnant woman to be more sensitive. Her emotions become vulnerable also because of raging hormones.

12. Dizzy feeling- During the first 3 months, you will feel dizzy because your blood pressure is not normal. Progesterone broadens the veins, hence, your blood flows slower than normal.

13. A narrow dark line will appear on your stomach- Do not panic. This is just normal when you are pregnant. According to folk tales, this "line" directs the baby to the breast where he can suck the milk.

14. The muscle becomes more relaxed- An example of this is the valve in the stomach that ejects the acid away from the esophagus. As the fetus becomes bigger, it becomes closer to the stomach, pushing the acid more to the esophagus. So, do not believe in the common saying that it is because of the baby's hair.

If you feel the symptoms and signs above, it is best for you to consult a medical practitioner. Some of these symptoms are also signs of a severe illness. You may check this link, for more information.

Source: TimeOutPro

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