WARNING: The Health of Your Privates is Based on Smell According to Experts!

The body has its own way and mechanisms which are very mysterious to everyone. Because of that, science also has stepped up in unlocking those mysteries to better understand the wonders of the human body. It is also important in developing medicines for those ailments which are still not curable.

Experts recently released a study about women and their privates. They actually focused on the smell in relation to its health. According to Sara Gottfried, M.D, ladies must be aware of the odor their private area is producing because it could mean worse for its health or the well-being of their body as a whole. Gottfried is also a known author of "The Hormone Cure."

According to Dr. Gottfried: "There's so much shame around the normal range of what women smell like. We're stuck with the mindset that women are expected to be nice, pretty and for their lady parts to smell really good like some fake scent. Like you're going to smell like a gardenia. And that's just going to make you miserable because that's not the normal human scent."

Here are the scents that women should be alarmed:

1. Fishy- This odor might be a symptom of a serious bacterial infection called "vaginosis." Cause by an abnormal balance of trichinosis in the intimate area, this health problem is very common but can be cured by antibiotics. Along with the smell, your pearl might also produce a white or gray discharge.

2. Metallic- This kind of scent is usual every after loving making or menstrual period. It can be caused by imbalance acidity level, but if occurs longer, then you might need to seek immediate medical attention.

3. Yeast or bread-like- As what the smell implies, it is caused by a yeast infection and commonly produces a white and thick discharge. You may also experience itchiness. 4. Musky- This condition is caused by wearing tight pants or shorts that restrict the private area to breathe. You may use mild soap as you clean it and refrain from tight clothes and bottoms.

5. Rotten-like- This odor needs to be checked immediately by your doctor.

In spite of this, Dr. Gottfriend said that the women's privates are "a self-cleaning oven." It can clean itself and discharge the germs and bacteria from the system innately. It just needs to be washed properly. She also said not to use synthetic undergarments!

Source: TNP

WARNING: The Health of Your Privates is Based on Smell According to Experts! WARNING: The Health of Your Privates is Based on Smell According to Experts! 5:18:00 AM Rating: 5
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