READ: Mayor Duterte's Untold Story Revealed! SHOCKING!

It's just a few days before the election and it's high time for us to research about the candidates further, especially those who are running in the presidential race. It is truly not enough to believe what's written on social media. Here are many untold stories that need to be unfolded. We have been bombarded with many different stories, of course a lot of negative, about certain candidates and their allegedly concealed wealth, citizenship issues and a lot more.

But unlike the others, this post that has been viral online is talking about an experience that changed the life of a simple Filipino. Hana Khystelle Carino shared one untold story about the benevolent deed of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, who is the most resounding to win among the presidential candidates. Her story is extremely heart-melting. 

Read the screenshot below and it's up to you to decide.

A leader is not just a person who knows how to reprimand and command, but someone who has the willingness to help. It is not enough that you understand your constituents. The people need a leader who has a faster hand than his mouth. Again, it is very much important for us to research before we decide who to elect. If you have been persuaded by just reading articles on social media, then your decision on May 9 might be badly affected. Do your homework. Find out who really has the heart to serve and the political will to uplift the country. :)

Source: Facebook

READ: Mayor Duterte's Untold Story Revealed! SHOCKING! READ: Mayor Duterte's Untold Story Revealed! SHOCKING! 2:35:00 PM Rating: 5
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