MUST WATCH: Symbolic Representation for Sexual Awareness goes Viral!

Sexual abuse has been a very common plague in the society of today, especially to women. In the Philippines, one girl every 53 minutes suffers rape, according to the Center for Women's Resources. In this regard, there are a lot of organizations being established to support victims and raise awareness about this unlawful act.

Project Consent is just one of those successful institutions. According to their website, it is a non-profit, volunteer-based campaign that aims to combat and deconstruct rape culture by raising awareness of the harmful way with which it is regarded in society, educating audiences about the disparity of discussion of sexual assault, and promoting positive dialogue about the importance of consent.

As part of their cause, they have released a short video that talks about women empowerment and consciousness about rape. It contains graphical images of male and female private body parts, however, the message that it conveys is very persuading. This is very timely since we are celebrating International Women's Day.

Warning: Video might contain sensitive pictures not suitable for children. 

You may watch the video here:

According to Sara Li, "We wanted to talk about consent frankly, and we felt like it was unnecessary to use symbolic replacements in these discussions."

"Consent shouldn’t be difficult or hard to talk about; we shouldn’t need to use tea or something else to explain what is or isn’t inappropriate. Talking about consent, or s*x or anything under that umbrella, shouldn’t be a taboo."

She also said, "Hopefully the nature of these videos have opened up an important dialogue. So far, the response has been pretty great and we couldn’t ask for anything more."

What have you thought after watching the video? Share them in the comment box. :)

Source: ChosenTrends

MUST WATCH: Symbolic Representation for Sexual Awareness goes Viral! MUST WATCH: Symbolic Representation for Sexual Awareness goes Viral! 1:19:00 AM Rating: 5
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